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Blend Wellness would like to personally thank you for choosing a deal with us on Groupon. We are a proud approved Groupon merchant. This page is only for Groupon customers. If you did not purchase a Groupon deal with us please go back. Clinic Policies also apply to all Groupon customers. This information is available on our website. Visit the menu to access our Clinic policy page.

Groupon FAQ:

How do I redeem my Groupon? You can redeem your Groupon promotions anytime by booking via our homepage.

How do I book my Groupon service? We have limited staff so we ask you to please book yourself online. If you want a same day or next available appointment simply join the waiting list for the next available appointment! You can also book at Blend Wellness by calling us at: (780) 432-5900 during regular business hours. Ready to book? Click the HOME page button or visit:

How many Groupon offers can I buy? Blend Wellness has a limitation of one Groupon deal per customer. Groupon offers are available to new customers only. Deals are non-transferrable and must be redeemed in whole on your visit.

Is there GST/tax or fees charged on top of the Groupon deal fee? Yes. We charge a nominal administrative fee of $10.00 to process Groupon vouchers as well as 5% tax on the total amount paid for the Groupon. Please bring both your purchase receipt and voucher for your appointment.

Is there anyway to use my Groupon for another service? Yes. If you would like your voucher to be used toward another service in our clinic, we will apply a $20 deal conversion fee plus 5% GST additional to the deal tax.

What location is my Groupon valid? Commencing July 1, 2019 – We will be accepting patients at our main head office location at: 11209 65 ST, Edmonton. Groupon offers are not valid for mobile services.

What if my Groupon expires? Be worry free! Any expired Groupon offer is still accepted at Blend Wellness. While we may not be able to provide the original deal you purchased, rest assured your expired voucher will be applied in the full dollar amount of value paid towards any service at our clinic. You simply pay the difference and the administration fee shall be waived. GST of 5% still applies on these transactions additional to the deal tax.

What if I would like a Mobile deal? If you would like your voucher to be used toward a mobile service with our clinic, we will apply a $20 deal conversion fee and an added travel cost and fee ($30 up to 50 Kms around the Edmonton area). The value of your voucher will then be applied in the full dollar amount paid towards the cost of the mobile service. The administration fee is waived on all deal conversions.

What if I would like an add on to my service? Blend Wellness offers the following accelerations which you can choose to add into your services:

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