(780) 432-5900, Text: (888) 437-1214


Opening Hours

By advance appointment only.

Our staff also ask you to arrive on time for your appointments. We do not generally require patients to come in early. All first time patients must call us at: (780) 432-5900 or text us: (888) 437-1214 to book an appointment.

Booking Policy: Blend Wellness Groupon offers are subject to a $10 administration fee for any missed first appointments or expired vouchers. See Groupon page for more information. All other services can be booked at no charge. Classes, Corporate services, Doula services, seminars, and all mobile services require a 50% retainer up front to secure the booking.

Cancellation policy: All bookings cancelled without 72 hours prior notice, even when made the same day or within 24 hours; shall be subject to a no show fee of 50% of the total value of your missed appointment fee. This fee is payable and due when our policies are violated. After 3 + missed appointments, you will be required to add a credit card pre-auth agreement on file with us and be charged accordingly. If no contact is made with us to cancel your appointment; all booked services are due and payable. All services booked are to be rendered and paid on or before your booking date(s). If you provided a credit card no.; it shall be directly billed on the day of your booked appointment. Blend Wellness is able to cancel an appointment with little to no notice to the customer as necessary. There is no cost for appointments cancelled by us. If any monies are paid it will be refunded to you if our clinic cancels your appointment at anytime.

Want to try booking an appointment for today? If you wish for a same day booking, we require all patients to join our waiting list. We do not accept same day appointments any other way. Join the waiting list from our home page booking section and/or by calling us directly at: (780) 432-5900. This is the only way we accept same day booking requests. We cannot guarantee same day appointments. Requests can be sent to us for appointments but unless you receive a confirmation from us, same day appointments are not guaranteed.

CAM Therapy Policy: All our staff are certified in the profession in which they practice. Since we require solely a certification of our professional staff such as: Doulas, Homeopathic Doctors, Massage therapists (MTS) which can be working from various other cities, provinces, and/or out of country, treatments in our clinic are therefore eligible to be reimbursed through your medical / extended benefits health care plans; only by request. This excludes if student therapist performs services. Receipts are issued for student massage therapists with select insurers. We do not issue receipts for Alberta Blue cross patients. Alternative therapies are provided with patients informed consent and therapeutic services performed here are based on verifiable certified therapist credentials and association standings.

Clinic Policy: Blend Wellness is located in the historical North Edmonton Highlands neighbourhood. We are near Gibbard block behind the insurance company. Our clinic also provides a Mobile Spa & Wellness service at your location within the Edmonton & surrounding areas. We bring the spa to you or you could come on down to our clinic! No walks ins. We do require consent forms from all our patients which can be filled out upon your arrival. All robes, slippers, towels, products are provided by Blend wellness. Our staff are unable to use patients own products, etc. for safety reasons. During Treatments in clinic or mobile services we will not be answering phones. All treatments are given the full booked time. We a lot time for check in, assessment, and home care. Any additional services must be prebooked with us in advance.

Other Policy: We do not tolerate abuse, inappropriate, nor ill behavior at anytime. All persons engaging in such behavior shall immediately be requested to leave the premises. If a staff is on a mobile site, they shall immediately terminate the job. All fees due upon booking will still be due if a service is terminated at our spa, massage clinic, and/or during a mobile service. Refusal to pay fees in full shall result in appropriate collection action.

Payment Policy: All fees are due (full balance) on or before the requested appointment date. All classes and Ayurvedic Treatments require a 50% deposit up front. The outstanding 50% is payable on the date of your appointment, class, and/or meetup. Direct billing is available for select insurance companies, massage receipts for extended insurance benefit plans are provided only upon request. We also accept cash, credit, debit, debit at the door, and gift certificates (including Spaweekly, Groupon, Stripe, Square, & clinic gift certificates). All payments are due up front or upon completion of service(s). GST/tax is collected on all transactions at our discretion.