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UPDATE TO ALL PATIENTS: Please do not come in to your appointment if you are presently or have been ill within the last 72 hours. Due to the increase in respiratory illness in our region, our clinic is not accepting appointments until Feb 1/19 as our therapist has become ill with a respiratory condition. For the safety of our patients the schedule has been updated to allow the therapist time to recover. We wish you all good health and look forward to treating you Feb 1/19 and onwards. Thank you. MGMT.

Cancellation Policy: Blend Wellness & Beauty states that No show fees of 50% of the total booking are due if no contact is made with us to cancel your appointment at least 24 hours in advance. All booked services are to be rendered on your booking date for all mobile bookings. If you provided a credit card no. it shall be directly billed the day of your appointment. Blend Wellness is able to cancel an appointment with little to no notice to the customer as necessary. All appointments must be confirmed up to 3 hours prior or it shall be considered cancelled. All no shows and unconfirmed appointments shall be billed at 50% of the total booking payable and due on receipt.

Clinic Policy: We do not tolerate inappropriate behavior. All persons engaging in abusive behavior shall leave the premises. All fees due upon booking will still be due if a service is terminated at our spa, massage clinic, and/or during a mobile service. Refusal to pay fees in full shall result in appropriate collection action. Same day appointments accepted. By appointment only.*All services performed shall be applied only if patient(s) are indicated for that treatment. We reserve the right to refuse service. For more information please visit our: About Clinic page.

Payment Policy: All fees due (full balance) on the appointment date. Direct billing is available for select insurance companies, receipts for benefits plans also provided and accepted by all insurance companies.